Galaxy S6 Edge+ Case, Ringke FUSION Crystal View — REVIEW

Galaxy S6 Edge+ / Plus Case , Ringke FUSION [Crystal View] ***
All New Dust Free Cap & Active Touch Technology* Crystal Clear Shock Absorption TPU Bumper Drop Protection Premium Clear Hard Back [Anti-Static][Scratch Resistant] for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ / Plus – Eco/DIY Package



Are you protecting your Galaxy S6 edge with a case or leaving it up to chance that its curves will offer enough grip to keep it off the ground?

The new Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ is the updated version of the S6 Edge. The two devices are very similar, but Samsung has managed to make the S6 Edge+ even thinner than the S6 Edge, despite the larger screen size on the newer device. If you’re planning on purchasing this new smartphone, you’ll want to pick up a case to keep it protected from drops and impacts.

Available with clear or smoky black accents, this cool case has a new type of scratch resistant coating. It also has an anti-static treatment, which helps keep dirt and dust from getting embedded in the case. Another improvement to this case model is the New Active Touch technology, designed for a more responsive feel when pushing the volume and power buttons.

  • Fits perfectly on the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ / Plus
  • Crystal clear protection enhances the Galaxy S6 Edge+ / Plus original look with minimal bulk.
  • Ultra slim transparent TPU bumper with Active Touch Technology allows easy and natural access to all essential ports and buttons.
  • Attached Dust Caps protect charging ports and audio jacks from dust and dirt. No more tiny dust particles to attack your phone!
  • Personalize your Ringke FUSION with free Design It Yourself template for unlimited potentials to fit your aesthetic needs!

Product Description


Ringke FUSION Case for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ / Plus

Perfect Fit
Fits perfectly on the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ / Plus to show off the natural shape and design.
Ultra-slim design with a perfect fit for all-around protection with minimal bulk.
Transparent TPU bumper protects all well rounded sides and perfectly contours all edges.Say goodbye to pesky gaps and loose edges!

High quality crystal clear back panel and specially formed TPU border to tightly grip all sides for better protection.
Attached Dust Cap shields and provides convenient solution to dust attacks for your charging ports and audio jacks.
No more tiny dust particles out to attach your phone!

Innovation in Technology
Designed with Anti-Scratch and Enhanced Dual Coating Technology to defend with 2x longer lasting durability.
New Active Touch Technology buttons are specially designed for a more natural responsive feel when pushing the volume and power button.
Innovative technologies such as Anti-Static Elements also prevents your phone against more dirt and dust than other brands.

Fully Customizable
The possibilities are endless!
Unique tool for your creative side with free DIY template.
Ringke’s Design It Yourself provides you with a free template to help as you unleash your creativity and personalize your own fully customizable Ringke FUSION protective case.
It’s our way of helping you become one simple step closer to suit all your aesthetic needs.

Eco-Friendly Package
Ringke FUSION case is shipped directly to our customers with specialized Eco-friendly packaging designed for the environment with no toxic materials and is completely biodegradable.





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